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Last Vestige of Olde Joy...

I hathe not womens hips!

.. Super Handsome Boy ..
15 February 1985
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crystalyn's guardian angel .. androgynous fanboy from england .. owner of _champloo .. a day dreamer of sorts .. thrives on solitude .. despises loneliness .. lacks direction .. enjoys yaoi/shounen ai titles .. not gaE .. easily ammused .. child in an adults body .... wants to find freedom.

show me a wolf and i will show you a smile. seriously, i can't express how much of an infatuation i have with that particular creature. huskies come a close second.. especially puppies :oOMG!!11 KAWAIIXD!!!! if you were to stumble upon me, i'd either be reading manga, watching anime or playing video games on my own. i'm an extreme final fantasy fanboy and i am not ashamed to admit that. i am also completely obsessed with kentarou miura's berserk. it is the one manga i will never get tired of. other things that bring me an overwhelming sense of peace include time spent with my girl, music and laying in front of a raging fire on a snowy day. it's simple, but that's how i like things.

Shunsui is laid-back lovin.